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Hi there!
Welcome to my digital crib. Have a great time exploring and don’t mind the fly.

Suff I’m good at:
︎Product Design

︎Interaction Design
︎Web Design

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About me
My name is Daria. Simply put, I’m a multidisciplinary Digital Designer. To be more specific I specialize in Product, Interaction and Web Design.

My style? Experimental, but approachable and fun—ctional. Well thought interactions and cool fonts make my heart flutter, while miss-alignment and lack of user testing make my skin crawl.

Currently, I am all about visual storytelling, Jeff Goldblum and petting every doggo I come across.

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My strengths
1. Versatility.
I’m kind of a one-stop-shop when it comes to digital design. I can drive the process from intake call and research, through creative ideation and user testing to delivery of top-notch product prototype.

2. Unique perspective.
My experience combines business-oriented SaaS products as well as playful and engaging websites. I love when my designs make people go “ooo, ahhh”, but I’m also realistic - businesses have goals, budgets, and timelines.

3. Always learing.
I am a knowledge hungry creature and I constantly upgrade my skills. Future plans? Being proficient with HTML and CSS and dipping toes into workshop facilitation. So. Many. Possibilities.

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Working with me
I’m a people person so collaboration is my second nature and the heart of my process. I enjoy working closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, marketers, and product managers, to ensure a seamless translation of design into reality.

What’s it like working with me? I am easy and chill to work with, but organized and proactive. More importantly, I think about the bottom line.

Holla at me/Drop me a line/Let’s talk dwojczuk@gmail.com

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